Mechanics, ground and support staff for local operations.


Product engineering and design to make us stand out.

Corporate & Intl.

Marketing, finance, legal, and key functions to help us soar higher.


Join the most exciting micro-mobility revolution, powered by Falcon.

At Falcon,we continually reinvent the wheel of innovation and strive to remain relevant. The 3Fs of Falcon - Fast, Feasible, and Fun are at the heart of everything that transpires here.

We are on the lookout for ambitious individuals who can take the mantle and the journey forward. If you wish to work in a high-growth environment and is someone who is driven by challenges, then we would like to hear from you.

Give Wings To Your Career

Here's What Falconites Have To Say

Here's What Falconites Have
To Say

"We at Falcon, justify our name. Our team is agile, sharp, swift and always focused. We have a diverse set of people from different countries that makes a team with complete synergy."

- Yunus Saiyed, Director - Country Operations

"At Falcon, we have a robust and dynamic team that’s spearheading last-mile transportation as we know it today. We believe in making people move forward, smartly and sustainably."

- Ayesha , Marketing Director