What Sets Us Apart

We at Falcon believe that smart micro-mobility will be the key driver of sustainable development. With that in mind and on the back of meticulous market study, we are set to bring a revolution in last-mile connectivity. Giving our consumers a holistic experience is what matters to us the most. A testament of this lies in our collaboration with some of industry's top names.

We Partner With


Regardless of infrastructural development, densely populated cities still face a problem of seamless connectivity. Here is where we step in. We work with the governments as well as local city authorities to lay down the foundation for a superior and sustainable micro-mobility solution. We also work with the concerned regulators to combat the parking crisis and offer optimum parking solutions.


Multinational corporations in big corporate parks are always on the lookout of sustainable connectivity solutions to cater to their intra-premise operations. Be it a manufacturing enterprise or telecom, easy connectivity is a key factor in improving employee productivity. We work with enterprises, large and small and offer them sustainable micro-mobility solutions within their area of operations.

Educational institutions

Big and prominent educational institutions are the cornerstone of progress. Besides being the voice for environmental protection, students and teachers alike need to put their words into actions too. For this reason, we curate tailor-made micro-mobility solutions for educational institutions, Govt. as well as private. Our solutions help students meet their daily transportation needs and also contribute to environment's health.

Transport service providers

Where transport service providers such as Metro and local city cabs aid consumers in taking them from point A to B, the problem of last-mile connectivity still persists. This is where we come in with our range of e-vehicles stationed near public transport spots. We partner with the local transport providers to enable the commuters to benefit from our services and achieve seamless last-mile connectivity.


What’s a smart city? Literally, it’s a place or a geographical region that makes use of data and communication technology. Such use aids the operational efficiency by sharing relevant information with the citizens and thereby enhance the quality of people’s life. We help the governmental bodies meet the increasing need for smart cities by understanding the challenges, planning smarter, fostering collaboration and ultimately, going green.

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