Prior Preparation

We at Falcon, take consumer safety seriously. This is why, before starting operations in a new country, we exchange relevant data with city administrations and transportation authorities to draw better urban plans, improve micro-mobility, support pedestrian infrastructure, and tackle congestion problems.

Special Circumstances

System integration with third party weather applications help us stay aware of unforeseen and unfavourable situations. Incase any of the mentioned exigencies arise, our service will no put on standby mode:-


Temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius and humidity crosses 80 pc


Visibility drops below 0.7 m and wind speeds cross 30 km/ hour.


Widespread clogging due torrential rainfall or thunder.

Contagious disease

Preventing the spread of contagious diseases through proper health and safety practices.

Setting Industry Benchmark

Data obtained from our rider's trips and our technician's repair tasks is used to further enhance safety standards.

We aspire to be the leader in micro-mobility and also we strive our competitors to further raise industry standards.

After studying rider details and obtaining other relevant data, we help micro-mobility vehicle makers improve safety standards for the benefit of riders and the entire industry.

Developing Support Infrastructure

Designated micro-mobility vehicle lanes are invaluable for organizing traffic and investing in the building of smart cities.

We work to ensure that micro-mobility and traditional vehicles co-exist in harmony.

We provide civic authorities with relevant statistics to augment the micro-mobility experience and fight traffic congestion.

Encouraging Safe Riding

We aim to achieve the highest standards when it comes to riders' and pedestrians' safety.

Our state-of-the art mobile app helps us point out digressions by riders.

Using this information, we warn them not to repeat the mistake in the interest of their safety and that of other road users.

Inherent Safety Features


From basic safety features to the most advanced ones, our manufacturers design every e-vehicle with utmost precision.


Our vehicles undergo numerous test rides before the launch. Scrutiny includes testing the vehicle in real-world conditions.


Our specialized technicians use an AI-based app (Feeder) in the field and the workshop for maintenance.

Riding On Road Guidelines

We have tested user behaviour by undertaking research to make the riding experience more worthwhile and safer. Before the rider hops on to a Falcon vehicles, what does he need to know to stay safe?

Basic Safety Rules

Be 14+ years to ride an electric bike

Be 18+ years to ride an e-scooter

Be 18+ years to ride a self riding scooter

Be 18+ years old to ride a moped and own a driving license

Be 18+ years to drive a car and own a driving license

No pillion rider. Only one person is allowed on a scooter or bike

Wear a Helmet We always advise riders to wear a helmet, irrespective of local laws

Don't Drink and Ride Drinking and riding is dangerous and prohibited on our vehicles

Pre-Ride Checklist

Before starting the ride, ensure whether the vehicle is in good condition. In case you notice any damage,
refrain from using it and immediately report it in our app to help our local team retrieve it.
Here are some basic pre-ride checks:


Squeeze brakes to feel resistance


Treads should be deep and tyre should not have signs of damage


The front light should be bright and the rear light should be working at all times.


Body should not have substantial visible damage and loose parts.


Press the throttle tab on the scooter handle to test responsiveness

Guidelines During Ride

During the ride, obey these rules to ensure your own as well public safety.

Follow traffic lights and signs

Avoid potholes

Watch out for open car doors

Prefer bike lanes for riding

Be carefull of wet surfaces

Don't text while riding

End Ride Guidelines

With the help of technology and understanding of the city's infrastructure, we monitor rider's parking patterns. We also collect evidence of parked vehicles using the below automated system.

1. Dockless parked anywhere

2. Dockless marked parking spot

3. Dockless market and electronic geo-fenced end-ride parking spot

4. Dock conventionally powered chargeable vehicle parking spot

5. Dock Solar powered chargeable e-vehicle parking spot

Learn-And-Earn Training Program

To create awareness and understanding of the safety issues, we offer a learn-and-earn training program to small groups.
The training program includes the following levels:

Schools/colleges/universities: Bike and e-Bike

Level 1: Hand sign language for indicating to other road users
Level 2: How to ride in designated lane - test drive of e-bike
Level 3: How to park properly - demo at parking spot

Online rider instructor app/web:

Our AI-based technology monitors rider's past behaviour and provides instructions on how to use and ride vehicles. Our app randomly asks questions after unlocking the vehicle before starting the ride

Companies and Govt. offices: e-Scooters

Level 1: How to use scooter safety features for indicating to other road users
Level 2: How to ride in designated lane - test drive of e-bike
Level 3: How to park properly - demo at parking spot